This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The relationship you have with your financial adviser is an intimate one; there’s nothing more vulnerable than putting your finances out on the table. That’s why we want to make sure we’re the right fit for you, so you feel confident and empowered during the entire journey.

Nurturing and building your financial well-being is a commitment we hold close to our core - because every client is considered part of our family.

Our Guiding Values

No Cutting Corners

With excellence intertwined into everything we do and stand for. When putting strategy and plans in motion, a weak structure falls by the wayside – we take the utmost pride in our work and ensure strong foundations from day one.

Meaningful Relationships

Opening up about money is a vulnerable process. We want to not only learn about your financial goals, but understand what financial fears keep you up at night – and help alleviate them.

Strategy Over Product

Your financial situation is as unique as your fingerprint. Tailoring strategy to situation means giving you the right tools to empower you and make the right moves for your financial future.

Knowledge &Education

Our goal isn’t just to help you feel in control of your finances to live a better life, it’s also to give you the long-term tools for accumulating wealth. Knowledge is power and we want to help you get stronger.

Collaborative Journey

We don’t pretend to know everything, but we do know the experts that can help. We have a strong network of specialists such as mortgage brokers, accountants and solicitors, should you need their advice.

Our Team

Bringing expertise from decades of experience to help you achieve financial freedom and confidence.

Pete Hawcroft

Lead Financial Advisor

With his ability to simplify what you need to know and connecting with you on a personal level, Pete goes above and beyond the typical financial planning processes. When collaborating with you, he’s interested in more than just your finances – he wants to get to know you, your life, what brings you joy, and what financial freedom means to you.

Coaching you and providing accountability, there’s no get-rich-quick Pete’s just a guy who wants to help you feel better about money, have peace of mind, and secure your family’s future.

Maria Scarman

Client Relationship Manager

For Maria, seeing the impact of how we help our clients achieve their financial goals and feel freedom to live their lives is what brings her joy. Beginning her financial planning journey with Scout Private Wealth in early 2023 and now the Client Relationship Manager for the team, Maria brings warmth, empathy and her go-getter attitude to the team.

With 15 years of experience in office management, Maria’s excellent organisational and dynamic relationship-building skills make her an integral part of our team.

John Bilnas

Administration Officer

Diagnosing situations, solving problems, and finding the perfect solution for clients is John’s bread and butter. As the (need title) at Scout Private Wealth, John brings his detail-oriented and committed approach to taking our clients on the journey to their financial goals.

While contributing to the seamless operation of Scout, John’s accuracy, attention to detail, and reliability through the planning process comes from his passion for research, data analysis and having the latest information for investments and insurances.

Princess Pascual

Administration Officer

With a feel-good attitude and natural attention to detail, Princess brings efficiency, versatility and enthusiasm to her role at Scout Private Wealth.

As the backbone of our team, she is all about motivating and supporting our team to give them the best possible environment as well as providing our clients with open communication and a friendly touch-point across all situations.

On the financial frontlines, we’re not your average adviser.

Joining the Royal Australian Air Force in the mid 90’s as an Airfield Defence Guard,  Pete was deployed to East Timor in 1999 as a “Scout” – his role being the eyes and ears for the group, passing on information and keeping an eye out for danger or risks.

Taking with him the “Scout” approach and beginning his financial advisory journey 5 years later, Pete understands the fragility of life and how money can be an enabler to help you live it to the fullest.

When collaborating with you, we’re interested in more than just your finances – we want to get to know you, your life, what brings you joy, and what financial freedom means to you.

No get-rich-quick or set-and-forget attitudes here. We just want to help you feel better about money, have peace of mind, and secure your family’s future.