Keeping wealth building simple at Scout

With so much noise out there, it’s hard to know what way is up when it comes to making the right money moves. We keep it simple and easy to digest when it comes to your wealth.

‘Life First’
Discovery Meeting 

Your finances and life are not mutually exclusive, it’s quite the opposite. We want to understand your relationship and outlook on money, what your life goals are, and even what your fears look like.

Knowing how your mindset works and if that aligns with your lifestyle goals is integral to having a strong launchpad for financial growth.

Pre-strategy brief

We work with you to get your project on legs, put you in touch with a designer who can help with the specifics of your dream home, and gather information for you on everything you need to know.

Mutual Commitment Meeting

Now for the main event! We provide you with our formal advice and show the links between your goals, values and the quantifiable value that we will add across our journey together.

Showcasing our execution to the strategies, we provide a high-level overview and what these strategies mean for your life, as well as extremely detailed insights.


We get our team on the tools and work away at the implementation and execution of your strategies that will get us every step closer to your financial goals. We go out and do the ‘scouting’ for you.

Progress Appointments

At the core of our service, we prioritise regular progress appointments as a fundamental practice to safeguard your journey.

These sessions are pivotal in adapting your plan to align with life’s ever-evolving milestones, unexpected legislative shifts, and the natural progression of your personal ambitions.

By staying proactive and responsive, we ensure that your strategy remains robust and tailored to your unique journey, regardless of the twists and turns life may present.

There’s no ‘I’ in wealth

Leaning on a financial adviser not only provides you with a soundboard and someone to go to for advice – it also allows you to change your money mindset and get ahead of your finances.

With learned experiences and those of our clients, we’ve seen it all – whether your situation is complex or simple, we embark on this journey with you to find a life free from stress.

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