We build strategies with a ‘life-first’ approach

That means we take into account your life as a whole, not just your financial issues. Your goals and dreams mean a lot to us – we’ll help you achieve wealth in a deep and considered way.

Retirement Planning

When it comes to retirement, you might think it’s far or not so far away.

With Scout Private Wealth, you’ll discover how much you need saved, what your life costs look like, where the risks are, and where to invest.

Investment Advice

We follow an evidenced based approach when it comes to investing on behalf of our clients.

Get to know the risks, the rewards, what to do with your savings, and what your investment structure will look like.

Personal Insurance

That’s the thing about life, you never know what’ll happen tomorrow.

Having a solid Plan B in place will give you peace of mind and understand exactly what happens to your family, finances and mortgage if something happens to you.

Superannuation Advice

Let’s dive a little deeper into your Super. We’ll take a look at if your fund is right for you, what the fees are, your options, where to invest, and growing your fund to make it work for you.

Debt Advice

Don’t be a slave to your debt – own it. Taking a look at your debt structure to assist with tax time, assessing your payment options, and looking at where you sit within a debt capacity will give you the tools to understand what’s next.

Cashflow Management

Wondering where all your money goes each month? Let’s get a handle on that.

Building your dream life starts with knowing your spending – let’s look at your balance between living for today and securing yourself tomorrow.

Building Wealth

Gain financial security.
Grow your wealth.


Retire while your money keeps working.

Your eyes and ears of the financial world

Bringing you the important information and assessing risks

Like a Scout in the military, we are constantly scanning the horizon for threats and risks and will navigate and guide you to your destination ensuring you arrive safe and sound.

Meet Our Team

Education over dictation

When you have the tools and resources, you have the power. Let’s build your financial strength.


4 Steps to Mastering Your Money Mindset

Unlock the secrets of financial empowerment to reshape your approach to saving and build lasting wealth.

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